How long have we been constrained by our hard disk space.Now watch put for google "The internet leader" which is planning to release G Drive, which enables the users to store data online and that too unlimited space is provided. This is seen as a major technology shift from the usual hard drive we have in the system. These days internet is becoming all the more powerful. Many are fearing that the Google's GDrive will lead to giving Google unprecented power. You could store your data on this drive and access it from anywhere in the world with a internet connection. The pros of this drive is that you need not worry about the crashed that happen in yous system because you have a copy else where ie., the Google drive. 

                           The cons of this drive is some one who manages to hack into the google servers then you are bound to stand exposed. The google have been tight lipped about the GDrive but it may make its way into the markets you go yet another marvel by google. I just simply admire google and wonder if any would come close to google in competition on net.


A crazy stuff for the crazy gamers.Gaming with iphone is no more a problem.Since it has been found difficult to play games with the iphone.Look out about the add on for the iphone @ in which the gaming add on is displayed.The pricing and availablity of the casing is not yet known.Watch this space for more updates.A demo video is available here

Sony has recently introduced cybershot G3 camera.It is one of its kind.This is the first camera to have Wi-fi.It has a integrated web browser.It is really cool to have a wi-fi for the camera.It can upload photos directly to the web without the need to transfer to PC and then upload.This is a 10 megapixel camera and comes with a 4GB internal memory.This product is really impressive and the price details are not yet known.

Logitech has designed a lapdesk to facilitate the users to use their laptop comfortably.This new lapdesk is fitted to laptop in such a way that the users will feel comfortable even when they are travelling.This allows the user to operate with ease.This lapdesk is priced cheaply comparitively.The lapdesk is priced @ 39$ at Amazon

Sony has unveiled a new addition to their Walkman series of Audio and Video players. The new X Series Walkman player comes with a lot of nice features like Touchscreen, WiFi and Noise Cancellation. With these features it might well become a worthy competitor against iPod Touch.

The new music player has a 3 inch 432 X 240 pixel OLED display. It claims to provide a better color and contrast than iPod Touch. The player supports MP3, WMA, AAC, WMV, MPEG-4, and AVC for video. The music player has comes with Digital Noise Cancellation which allows the headphone to block out any ambient noise. It has a Digital Sound Enhancement Engine which provides a better sound quality. WiFi is also present so you can also use it to access the web, download youtube videos and podcasts with the inbuilt Web Browser.

It sure looks like an impressive gadget. The pricing and availability is not yet announced...

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Recently Nokia announced their N79 Active edition and now they’ve announced another variant of the N79 called the Eco. The handset is available in Petrol Black and is sold without the charger. However the phone carries the same price as the Nokia N79 handset.The company assumes that you can use the old Nokia charger if you have or else you have to buy one.

The Eco edition will be available with 3 Express-on rear panels and Nokia has promised to donate Four Pounds, that’s about Rs. 285, to WWF (World Wildlife Fund) for each version of the handset sold.. .

Office 14 is the name to the successor of Office 2007.
The alpha version has been released for testers earlier this week.One of the tester from a Russian website has leaked a few screenshots of the office 14.

While he didn't screenshot the apps individually, I do now know that the list includes: Access 14, Excel 14, Groove 14, InfoPath Designer 14, InfoPath Filler 14, InterConnect 14, OneNote 14, Outlook 14, PowerPoint 14, Project 14, Publisher 14, SharePoint Designer 14, Visio 14, and Word 14. Here they are:

list of 14 applications

office 14 About page

office 14 feedback tab


Excel 14




SharePoint Designer 14 obscured by Outlook 14

The beta of Office 14 will start in May, and the final version is at the end of the year. The alpha is reportedly running with good stability, all things considered. Redmond is expected to provide official release details for Office 14 next quarter.

Samsung’s MBP200 offers the latest entertainment features and independently supports standard Microsoft Office and PDF formats for display. With the MBP200, users can listen to music and create playlists, as well as view video, pictures or PDF, PowerPoint, Word or Excel files.

Compact and lightweight, the portable MBP200 can connect to mobile phones and laptops and by utilizing the DLP pico chip from Texas Instruments it allows users to transform their traditional two inch screen to a 50-inch viewing screen allowing others to share in the video experience. In addition, users can easily transfer files and project content independent of an attached source via the microSD card slot. The MBP200 has a simple shape and design with touchpad controls on the right side of the device for easy navigation and a 2.2-inch QVGA LCD screen which allow users to view content privately.

The Samsung pico projector delivers a superior picture from a mobile device and is powered by a miniaturized version of the same imaging technology found in DLP HDTVs, home theater projectors and large-scale cinema houses. The unit can accommodate a range of projected image sizes - from an 8 ½ x 11 standard sheet of paper to a large 50-inch screen. For added convenience, the MBP200 comes with a small screen holder with a telescoping pole hidden inside, which can instantly turn a standard sheet of paper into a screen to view movies, document files or pictures. The 3.5mm standard jack allows users to enjoy their own headphones or speakers, or the built-in external speaker allows the MBP200 to play audio directly from the device.

The MBP200 will be available later this year. For more information about the MBP200 and Samsung’s entire line of mobile phone accessories, please visit

The MBP200 was named the CES Innovations 2009 Design and Engineering Best of Innovations in the wireless handset accessories category.

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